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Holistic Living

The nervous system is not only responsible for our physical and mental health, when regulated it can also liberate us! So we become less reactive and more active, making conscientious decisions that benefit our WHOLE being.

Many of us have been taught a liner systematic way of living which we have become dependant on but doesn't support us.


This space takes a circular economical approach, considering all aspects of what it means to be human.

Everyone is a house with four rooms. A Physical, A Mental, An Emotional and A Spiritual. Most of us just stay in one room, when we should explore all four.
- Indian Proverb

Holistic Wheel

"I have always been creative and spiritual,

linking practical,  theological and philosophical ideas."


Danielle guides you through holistic practices to strengthen your sense of self and regulate your nervous system (either in class, workshops or on retreats).


She lives in Glastonbury, deciding to ground after living in the city. Started her journey in the creative industry as a designer, then realised she wanted to build her own business, so completed a Masters (MA) in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to bridge the gap between business and creativity; Thereafter training as a Educational Teacher, and lecturing at colleges.


After getting burnt-out from her career, she started to make life changes, that lead into wellness and holistic wellbeing. And completing a Yoga Teacher Training course in Sri-Lanka.

She soon realised that creativity and spirituality are linked energetically - feminine, yin energy. As she stepped further into this energy, she realised it is okay to go slow.


Now, she is able to hold space and guide others to optimise their wellbeing, through movement, sound and grounding down to the earth. which creates positive impact - taking a WHOLE approach to living.

Holistic Coach
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