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This book links Yoga Philosophy, Neuroscience and Business; Modern day tips for leaders and entrepreneurs. The brain is like the CEO of your body, once activated you can be innovative and make conscious decisions. In today’s climate, our brains are either over or under stimulated by the images and information we are receiving from the media. In order to be a conscientious leader, you almost need to be a rebel, to step away from the mainstream conventional lifestyle and create a new lifestyle that is for you. Therefore, feeling more fulfilled in your career choices and business ventures. This book takes it back to basics, reconnecting with your authentic self to be original and set a new trademark that will not only give you purpose but also make you feel more alive by activating the dormant brain cells, using neuro plasticity.

This book outlines the importance of re-programming your mind so you can take steps away from the system and live a life of authenticity – this is your trademark!

Authenticity is your Trademark

Each chapter has a exercise to guide you back to your authenticity and re-program your neuro pathways.

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Danielle has a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, she has lectured at colleges within the UK and is a trained Yoga Teacher.

My mission is to empower and motivation you to live your best life, with a holistic approach to living.

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