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Yoga & Breathwork - Weekly classes, in person and online.

I'm a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher that trained in Sri Lanka to gain an authentic experience of the practice and deeper understanding. Now I have been practising yoga for four years and taught at several locations, world wide.


Tuesdays 7pm - White Rabbit. Glastonbury

Wednesdays 6.30pm - Harmony Within. Shepton Mallet

£10 per person 45-60mins class

Open to both Women & Men

Holistic & Somatic Experiencing Workshops

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Holistic Workshop

Holistic workshop to regulate the nervous system and bring you back into balance with your natural wellness.


Yin Yoga & Sound

. This will be a journey through the energetic Chakras, to clear and transmute your energy for Autumn. 

Open to both Women & Men

 Sunday 1st October

Middle Wick Farm, Glastonbury


1.5 hours workshop £30

Art Therapy Workshop

Samhain Art Therapy & Sound Journey; weaving winter intentions, cacao and mediation.

Open to both Women & Men

 Sunday 29th October

Miracle Room, Glastonbury

Danielle & Chantelle

1.5 hours workshop £30

Candle in Glass Jar

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Sound & Senses Workshop


Journey through the five senses; sound bath, cacao/herbal tea, body scan and breathwork.

This will relax your nervous system, creating mind and body wellness.

Open to both Women & Men

 Sunday 17th September

Middle Wick Farm, Glastonbury

Danielle & Jessika

2.5 hours workshop £39

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Danielle's yoga classes are great! They are the perfect mix of active and challenging yet have lots of meditation and relaxation.


Danielle's classes are amazing! Very relaxing and zen. Truly recommend to anyone that is starting a Yoga practice or has already some knowledge.


The yoga class with Danielle was a very good and the addition of sound healing at the end of the session relaxed me a lot. I highly recommend!

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