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Forest Bath

For Mind, Body Resting

Forest Bath

Forest Bath, listening to the sounds of nature, with Gong and Crystal Sound Bowls, guided Meditation and Breathwork.

For mind and body resting and bringing you back into balance with your natural wellness.

Sunday 7th April, Glastonbury Forest

With Danielle, Certified Naturopath and Yoga Teacher

Sunday 7th April 10am

 Helping to bring you back into balance with you natural wellness.


What's included:

Sound Bath



Herbal Tea

Open to both Women & Men



2 hours workshop £25

Sound Bath

Event Policy: All booking payments are non-refundable after the retreat start date (refunds can be made 30 days before the retreat start date within reason). Deposits are 100% non-refundable.
Adults only 18 and over

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