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Celebrating the return of the light

Stonehenge at Sunset
Sound Bath

Welcome to this special workshop where we will celebrate the return of the sun light on earth. It's a new rite of passage as the days begin to grow longer and lighter.


Embracing Winter as we go on a journey, giving thanks to the solar system of the Northern Hemisphere and the sacred Wheel of the year in Yule. With a Sound Bath, Meditation, Element Ritual and Journaling

Join Danielle (holistic coach) and Lucy (Priestess), in the Avalon Room, Glastonbury.

Solar System

Calling in the return of the sun with a ritual to the light and sowing seeds of intentions.

Sound Bath

Relax into the space with a Sound Bath, to feel the vibrations of sound go through your body.


Meditation and self reflection, to relax your nervous system.

Sunday 17th December


Celebrating Solstice


Sound Bath



Herbal Tea

and more goodies

With Danielle & Lucy


2 hours

Avalon Room, Glastonbury

Avalon Room

Event Policy: All booking payments are non-refundable after the retreat start date (refunds can be made 30 days before the retreat start date within reason). Deposits are 100% non-refundable.
Adults only 18 years over

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