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Samhain Sound Journey & Weaving Workshop

Candle in Glass Jar
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This is a special workshop as we step into Winter season ahead, a journey inwards to weave your intentions for the coming months.

We will go on a harmonious journey, of sound bath, art weaving, herbal tea and meditation.

Join Danielle (holistic coach) and Charnelle (artist). 

Everyone will be gifted weaving tools and materials.


Art therapy, where you will have the opportunities to craft your own woven Mandala web.

Sound Bath

Relax into the space with a Sound Bath, to feel the vibrations of sound go through your body.


Meditation and self reflection, to relax your nervous system and set intentions.

Woven Mandala
Woven Mandala

Sunday 29th October

19:00 pm

Weaving Winter Intentions


Art Weaving Workshop

Gong Sound Bath


Herbal Tea

With Danielle & Charnelle


2 hours

Miracle Room, Glastonbury


Event Policy: All booking payments are non-refundable after the retreat start date (refunds can be made 30 days before the retreat start date within reason). Deposits are 100% non-refundable.
Adults only 18 years over

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